Writing an Essay in Marathi Language 2020

Writing an Essay in Marathi Language 2020

A Marathi essay is usually a well-formulated essay that has the reader’s attention. The main point is to persuade the reader to agree with the author’s point of view. In the end, it is the writer’s voice that prevails in the essay. Other people in the same community then judge the essay, and the best is declared the winner.

The writer needs to be aware that a Marathi essay will always contain some grammatical mistakes. The writer can correct these errors later. But the essay should be proofread before it is published. The errors can also be caught at the time of proofreading. There is no doubt that people who are not interested in the essay should leave it without reading it.

The use of punctuation is essential in an Indian-language essay. The essay should have a regular rhythm, and proper punctuation is essential. The sentence should appear logical and should flow. It should not be confusing, and the readers should get the message without being lost in it.

The language used in an English essay should be slightly different from the language used in a Marathi one. The sentence can be in two paragraphs, the first appearing like a traditional essay while the second appears to be a conversation. Also, sentences can have sub-headings, and the author should make sure that they are included in all the paragraphs.

The Marathi article author needs to make sure that he does not include too many complicated terms in an English essay. He should keep his vocabulary to about twenty-four. This will save the reader from having to find the meaning of any word. He can use the ‘saat’ to represent any word he wishes to spell, and that is enough to explain the article.

The author of Marathi Nibandh should make it a point to avoid using too many technical terms in his essay. Some people in the English community find it difficult to understand certain terms used in an essay. They find it hard to understand the meaning of the grammar rules as well. In a Marathi Essay, the author should avoid such grammatical errors and explain his point without using complex terms. His work should be easy and understandable to the reader.

A Marathi article should be informative and interesting at the same time. It should be written to convey an opinion but should be written so that the reader gets ideas and ends up with new ideas.

In general, English writing tends to sound formal, while in an Indian article, the author should make sure that his writing style is informal. The author should write in a tone that sounds conversational at the same time. The writer should be careful about the spelling of the words used in the essay. If necessary, he should have the essay proofread by a native speaker of the language.

An English essay should use the correct number of spaces for the text and the paragraphs. In an Indian article, the author needs to make sure that the spaces between paragraphs are balanced. He needs to check for punctuation too. The author of an English essay should avoid using long sentences as the readers find it hard to understand.

A Marathi essay should also be grammatically correct. There are a lot of errors that can occur when one writes in an English format. However, the author of an Indian article will have the advantage of correcting any error made by his own experience. The authors of the two essays need to understand the difference in the conventions.

The language used in an English essay should also be consistent. All punctuation rules in the English essay should be followed in a Marathi article. The author of an article should avoid the usage of commas for the first-person pronouns. The writer should keep the tense in mind while writing.

The grammar rules and punctuation rules are not that difficult to understand in an article in English, but it might be difficult to understand in an article in Marathi. The author of an English essay should take the help of a native speaker of the language while writing it. It may take some time for the writer to understand the difference in terms used in an article and a Marathi article.

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